Let’s Talk Productivity: 5 Habits I’ve Implemented That Actually Work

By: Ben Kolde on Unsplash.com

“When it comes to maintaining a healthy level of productivity that works for you, it can be a bit challenging to see where you might want to improve. If you’re anything like me, it can start with not knowing where to start your workday, what tasks to finish first, what tasks “help” you stay motivated. At the beginning of this year, I knew I needed to alter my productivity habits, as well as stick to things that actually work for me. There are times we spend absorbing a lot of information on “how to be productive” that may or may not work for us, all the while not understanding why nothing seems to change. So with that being said, I wanted to provide you with a list of five habits that I’ve implemented, stuck to, and that work quite well for me.”


  1. Adjusting Your Morning Routine: At the end of last year, I was struggling to stay motivated, to keep track of my goals, and it was particularly because I woke up every morning not knowing where to begin. I would ponder so long that the morning fell away to afternoon, and then to evening, leaving me with what felt like a wasted day. At the beginning of this year, on track to changing my habits, I decided to make the most of my morning, every morning. There are going to be mornings that are just a bit too busy, or it’s just a bit too difficult to get out of bed, and I always tell myself – especially after having a productive week prior, that it’s okay to take a moment to reset. This week particularly, I haven’t been as productive as I’d like, but I still spend my mornings having a small planning session, getting my thoughts down on paper, and setting up the rest of the day, and the days to come, for success. I usually wake, start the kettle, have a cup of tea, then spend some time with my journal (which I will get into in the next point), then I move on to planning the day out in my google calendar – and following it. I’ve always enjoyed planning out my days, but I would be rather hard on myself earn I didn’t follow through with each and every impossible task I may have laid out.
  2. Keep a Journal, and Use It: I’ve been journaling off and on for a few years, but I’ve never been quite as serious about it as I have been this year. It used to feel nice to get my thoughts down on paper, yes, but that was all that I’d use it for. I felt the need to have separate journals for different things – until now. I use my journal as a launching pad for new ideas, for tasks I may have to complete that day, and or for brain dumping. I start every work session with spending a few minutes getting all of my thoughts out onto paper, each and every mundane thing that may be clouding my mind, clearing it so that I may work as efficiently as possible. This was the biggest change I made that really made a difference.
  3. Prioritizing Your Tasks Efficiently: When I sit down with my laptop open, staring aimlessly at my google calendar, I start outlining tasks, just inserting reminders in one after the other, and then I move them around to fit the allotted time slot that I know I can fulfill. This has helped a lot because not only am I seeing what it is I need to get done, I am giving myself time in between to make sure I get it done within that allotted time slot. Before, I would only use google calendar as a task list, not really paying attention to the hours (as long as I got them all done during the day – which usually didn’t happen). This approach works a lot better for me.
  4. Maintaining a Clean, Productive Environment: It wasn’t until I took the time to reorganize my desk did I realize how much it changed the way I felt. I felt better, I felt more productive because I surrounded myself with the things I need, maintaining a clean workspace that I want to go to in the morning. I took (and still) take desk decor very seriously – in that when I surround myself with things that make me happy whether that’d be new stationery or a new book I want to read, I find myself wanting to spend more time in that environment – in turn, getting more done in a place that motivates me.
  5. Finally, Reading More. Learning More: I have to read something every day. There was a time I had to schedule reading time in, in the hopes that I’d get to it eventually. This is no longer the case, as I’ve made it my mission to consume as much as I can throughout the day, especially on a busier one. Whether it’s a Medium article, a chapter from the book I’m currently reading, or anything of the sort, I just want to read something each and every day because I know that it motivates me, it puts me in the right mindset to then get work done after I’ve had a relaxing moment to read for a while. This is one of my favourite changes, for I forgot how much I truly loved it, and once I got back into it, I truly see how much it has helped to inspire me every single day.

I hope you all have a wonderfully productive rest of the week and I thank you for taking the time to read this here post!


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