A Productivity Reset: Taking Charge of the Week Ahead

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“I can certainly say that this week hasn’t been the most productive for me, and I have spent a lot of it worrying about all of the things I have not yet done. Though, every morning this week I’ve spent time pondering the things I can change in the coming days, so that I can take charge of what’s left of this week, as well as the week to follow. I find comfort sitting at my desk every morning, getting my work done before the day truly begins – and while this hasn’t been occurring much this week (and every wave of productivity seems to be happening a bit too late), I’ve decided that it’s time for to reset. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I haven’t done as much work this week as I’d like, and I am doing the best I can to make the most of what’s left. So, I can focus my attention on the week to come, write content that excites me, as well as focus on meeting my deadlines.”

Sometimes, we just need to refresh the page. Sometimes, we just need a moment to center ourselves, forget about what we haven’t done over the last few days, as the time has passed and there is no changing that. Right now, what we need to focus on is what we can do with today. I woke up this morning, once again not really knowing where to start – and I certainly didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning. However, I set that thought aside, and I’m here at my desk changing my perspective on the day. I know how fulfilling it is to get work done, to tackle the to-do list, to have ample time during the day to do what it is I love. I’ve worked so hard to change my productivity habits, as I’ve outlined in my previous post, and it is much easier these days to find my footing again when my motivation seems to dwindle.

So, I am going to continue sipping my London Fog, work my way through my edits, and free up a bit of time to run some errands today. I know that this weekend is going to be a busy one for me, but an exciting one nonetheless, so planning for this upcoming Monday has to begin right now. There was a time where I used to be quite hard on myself for missing blog posts on Mondays, as that was a schedule I had struggled to keep. Though, my current blogging schedule of Tuesday onwards has been working so much better and has been much more effective for me, as I now use Monday as my day to reset. It’s my day to plan, get ahead of the work for the week, so that the rest of the week goes as swimmingly as possible. I usually do not do too much work on the weekends, because I typically use Saturday-Sunday to really focus on personal time. This in itself has really helped to set myself up for a productive week because I’ve then had enough time to relax, and get ready to tackle the upcoming plans.

Right now, not only am I focusing my attention on the week to come, I am also taking the time to outline where I want to be by the end of the month, and the steps I need to take to move forward with my current projects. I would take a few extra minutes during my daily journal session to center my thoughts and focus my attention on the goals I want to achieve as well as track my progress. This way, my goals are always on my mind, and they are not on the back-burner hoping they achieve themselves someday.

When I’m having an off week, I believe its incredibly important to give myself time to deal with whatever is on my mind first, before getting back to work – even if that’s as small as brain dumping my thoughts out onto a journal page. It’s also important to remind yourself how far you’ve come, especially when you’re having a bit of an unproductive week. I know that this off week I’m having has been much more productive than some of the off weeks I’ve had in the past, and that is an accomplishment in itself. So, if you’re struggling to get yourself back on track, take a bit of time to reset, clear your head, before you start filling your calendar again.

This was something that I certainly needed to do, and it is why I am up, ready to work, and ready to tackle the rest of the day, week, and month.

I hope you all enjoyed post and I thank you for taking the time to read!


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