Coffeeshop Talk: Sparking Interest, Writing Anew, and So Much More

By: Charisse Kenion on

“I can safely say I feel much more at ease this morning, as I had an incredibly productive day yesterday – a start to the week I absolutely adore. Today, I just want to have a chat with you all about a few things. Especially as it so happens that I’m actively writing again, even though I am still working through novel edits, I just wanted to share a few of the things that have sparked interest for my current story idea. I just wanted to take a bit of a break today, have a little recap of how much progress I’ve made, and just talk about a few things that I’ve been enjoying as of late. It is already nearing the end of March, and I can’t say I’m exactly where I thought I’d be by now, progress wise, but I am putting in so much more effort than I had been a few weeks ago and that does indeed leave me fulfilled. Now, let’s chat.”

Another morning, London Fog in hand, tackling to-dos that seem to be piling up. Though, I wanted to take this blog post to just spew a few of the thoughts that have been on my mind, as well as catch you all up on where my head has been at lately. Editing my novel has begun to feel like a daunting task lately, and I’ve been working to change that perspective as best as I can. However, I’ve been taking time to step away from the edits ever so often so that I can focus on the things that make me happy – things I seem to never have time for anymore. This time last week, I was telling myself, “Anisa, you need to write something. Your itching to write something, and I know the ideas are there. What’s stopping you?” I have told myself that I have been the one thing holding myself back whenever I’d settle down to begin writing again, and that is true, but I simply haven’t been making time for it. It fell to the back of my mind, hoping I’d “get back to it” when I conclude my novel edits. I’m here to say that there’s no time to wait around, hoping I’d “find time” to write. I simply had to do it, and so I did.

I was honestly hoping I’d have my novel edits finished by the end of March, and I know that March isn’t over yet, but I’m coming to terms with the idea that it may not happen until April. Sometimes, having a plan is a good thing, but there are times where we’re down on ourselves because we don’t finish something in the given timeframe we’ve set for ourselves. It’s okay to alter a plan, and that is something I’ve been actively learning how to do. I have been allowing myself to take a breather every once in a while, and just revisit my writing the way it feels best – authentic. I go through surges of creativity, struggling to maintain it long enough for anything substantial to come from it, but I’m working on honing in on that, so that I don’t feel like I need a sudden spark to continue working on a project I believe in. 

Each time I get wrapped up writing something new, I remember how incredible it feels, and at that moment nothing else matters. I want to feel that more often, I want to explore a variety of different story ideas that I have, collecting dust in the back of my mind. So, that brings me to the short story idea I currently have. The last short story I wrote and posted on here not too long ago was called “The Nightgown” (click here) and it was a small project that really allowed me to explore my creativity again. I’ve always been interested in the Mystery/Thriller and Horror genres of fiction, and it was a story that I had a lot of fun writing. I remember finishing it thinking, “Wow, I really can’t wait to do that again.” So, here I am, doing it again.  It all really started with a conversation I had with someone recently, sparking an idea for a short Mystery/Thriller piece that may have me on the edge of my seat as I write it (aren’t those the best?). I really needed to put into perspective all of the things that have gotten me to this point, all of the things I absolutely love – and why I haven’t been doing more of them. So, here’s to more story writing, efficient novel editing, and loving each and every step of the journey. 

It all begins with “I will.”

I will write.

I will edit.

I will explore.

I will create.

Thank you all for reading this post, and I’d love to hear what you think below!


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