Poetry: “And So She Did” + “The Nomad”

By: Jacob Nizierski on Unsplash.com


Gentle was the unbidden ripening,

Of a once wilted ingenue.

Her staged longings scattered

Like the aged pages

Of curiously learned words,

That whittled away at her.

She dressed herself in dismantled prose

The flush of her skin freeing

The quiver of her pursed lips reprieving,

As she grew to taste a life so strange

So incredibly strange,

That she’d let her dreams consume her


And so she did.

By: Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash.com


She wandered travelled thought, 

The faraway fixations 

And uprooted conversation

Of breakfast spent with first editions

Of chipped teacups and maddened fiction.

As persiflage and piqued interest

Entangled in her fingers,

Like the pickings of first bloom.

So that she may douse blank pages
In prose unwritten,

In poetry unbidden

For she loved a life that left her lost, 

She spoke of a world that left her



And yet she left her inhibitions behind

For it was now,


Her time.


Copyright © 2018 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope you did enjoy these pieces!


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