Content Creation: Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Learning to Adapt

By: Lauren Mancke on

“I remember the day I decided I wanted more. I remember feeling like I had no idea where to begin, and the questions gnawed away at my mind, “How do I start? What do I write? Will this make a difference?” It wasn’t until the last few months did I realize how integral that decision has been to where I am today. I am constantly learning, constantly longing to do more with my time, to write things I love, to create content that makes a difference in my life – and hopefully in someone else’s. We can achieve so much more if we stop obsessing over the minute details that do not affect us in the long run. This is something I’m still struggling with, as I continue to try to learn how to balance the rest of my life with my creative work, but I can safely say that the progress I’ve made should be acknowledged – and so should yours. It’s time we set some new goals for ourselves, step outside of our comfort zones, and do something different for a change.”

Productivity is a concept I’ve misconstrued over the years, as I finally understand what it means to really hone in on my craft, and work towards something I know I can achieve if I try. For a long time, I had struggled to be productive, feeling fed up of the same ol’ routine, wanting a way to express myself differently. I gave myself time to really work through what I wanted to change, and how exactly I planned on achieving that. We all have goals, but are we all actively working towards achieving those goals? Recently, I’ve been trying to do more outside of my niche, because I’ve been trying to satiate a craving to live a life where I love what I do, where I can create things I’m proud of, and that takes work. 

I’m sure most of us have goals we want to achieve, but haven’t exactly gotten around to beginning to work at them, or even beginning at all. When I’ve begun to feel like I’ve entered a grey area, an area where I can’t seem to be productive even if I have ideas swimming around in my head, I do something that feels different – something outside of the routine, something that will inspire you. I know what my comfortable genre is when it comes to my writing, but I’ve been working to expand that, to write something incredibly imaginative – something entirely different from what I’m used to. We sometimes forget how limitless writing can be, when we get stuck feeling like we’re writing the same thing over and over again. This can also cause you to feel as though you’re not learning, not growing with your work. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning to adapt is all part of the process, it’s all part of growing alongside your work so that you can accomplish all of the great things you’ve set your sights on. As I’ve decided to start refining the goals I’ve been working towards, I’ve also been allowing myself to actively keep track of my progress with both my blog and my journal logs. Looking back on some of last year’s blog posts, I can certainly say I’ve made a significant change in the way I view writing, productivity, and how I go about creating content that leaves me excited to share. 

Today, I’m going to write something that I’ve never written before. I’m going to sit at my desk, sipping my London Fog, letting my imagination run wild with ideas I would’ve never brought to fruition because they seemed “too different from my usual writing.” I’m going to explore an entirely different realm of my creativity, all the while enjoying it every step of the way. 

I hope you all take a moment to step outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just writing in a genre you’re not used to, or changing up your daily routine. Thank you for taking the time to read and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!


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