On Writing: Making the Most of Your Writing Session and Finishing That Story

By: Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash.com

“Sitting down to write is an exciting time, it’s a time where I can let all of my worries go for a little while and simply create. It is the first thing that I want to do upon waking up in the morning, but as we all know, life gets busy sometimes so I try to make the most of each and every writing session in the most efficient ways possible. I’ve always been curious about what other writers’ routines are like, and I know that mine can vary from time to time, but I’d still like to share what helps me, what keeps me working, and what I do when I feel like I’ve hit writer’s block. I’d like to say that I write every day, but that is still something that I’m working towards. Writing and creating in general is what brings me the utmost joy, and it is something that I can’t wait to expand on in the future.”

Settle in with a cup of something warm and let’s chat a bit about writing. I woke yesterday with the incredible urge to get back to writing, but I can assure you that every day is not like that. I was able to complete the short story I had been working on, and being in a genre I’m not too familiar with, it took a bit to get through to the end. Though, I am happy to say that it is complete, and I’m going to be sharing it with you all tomorrow. The Horror Genre is one I’ve always enjoyed reading, alongside Mystery/Thriller which I’m most comfortable writing in, but I hadn’t spent much time actually creating many horror pieces. I’ve been writing, I’ve been reading, and it keeps me working. I know that one of the things I want to be able to incorporate into my routine, is actually finishing the pieces I start. So, that’s why I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing shorter stories. It has really helped me to both exercise my creativity, but also allow myself some breathing room while I get my novel ready for the next step in the process.

I’m always quite a bit nervous to share new pieces, but especially pieces in genres I’m not comfortable in. Though, I will say it was an incredibly interesting process writing it, and I can’t wait to see where the next short story takes me. When it comes to settling down to get the most out of my writing session, as well as push myself to write more frequently in genres I’m still familiarizing myself with, it all begins with a bit of research, an idea, or just an image I may want to convey through my words. If I’m in a situation where I really feel like I want to write something, and no ideas are coming, or none of the ideas I have saved seem to fit, I simply step away from the desk, step away from the laptop and go do something else that excites me. They usually come when I’m not thinking about them too hard, and those to me are the most riveting. Now, I’ll ask you this: When do you find the best writing ideas come? Some people find them in the shower, others when they read, for me they usually spring when I’m consumed in a really story rich video game, taking part in every step of the story development the same way a story may read. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as an image to get the words flowing, but when it comes to what is actually put down on paper, that is a feeling even I don’t know how to explain.

As for the actual writing process, I usually like to do most of my writing from the comfort of my bed, as my work desk usually feels a bit too busy and overwhelming to think clearly enough to create. I also find that while writing in bed, I can stay there for much longer without fidgeting, or feeling the need to move around too much. This ensures that I stay writing, and when I’ve begun to feel like I need a break (but I know I still have writing to complete) I usually just pull out the novel I’m currently reading, and it really does keep me wanting to write. It doesn’t have to be fiction-based reading to make me feel like it’s time to get back to work, sometimes when I’m in a pinch, but I do need a break, I simply pull up medium.com and read a short article. It is a good way to kickstart the writing process, as well as taking a bit of time to clear my head in my writing journal. 

When it comes to editing, however, I find that I do that best sitting up at my desk. I focus a lot more on the words I already have down this way, and I find I get through editing a chapter much faster. Sometimes, it’s simply about knowing what works for us, what keeps us excited about our writing, that really matters in the writing process. Other times, it’s simply about enjoying the surge of inspiration we may have, and making the most of it to write something we’re undoubtedly proud of. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this here blog post and I can’t wait to share my short story with you all tomorrow!


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