A Writer’s Self-Care Routine (Because I Need it This Week)

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“There are times we simply struggle to regain control of the day when any and everything just seems to not be working in our favour. This morning was no different, and I am now settling in after dealing with all of the stress to get right back to work. There were times in the past that mornings like this would render me entirely unproductive, and I’d feel the need to cancel the entire day. Though, this morning, I am maintaining my wave of productivity and pushing through, knowing I’ll take the time this evening to recuperate. There are long workdays, and then there are the workdays we feel as though we’re truly scrambling to keep everything afloat, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself once the day is done. I wanted to share my self-care routine with you all, all of the things I love when I’ve had a stressful day, so we can all take a bit of a break. So, we can all have a moment to relax.”

The workday is over, now what? I try to leave as much of the work in the office as possible, even if that means the home office. Once I step out of that environment, I feel a bit more relaxed already (particularly because I won’t have to look at all of the clutter on my desk until tomorrow). I usually try to get as much done within the first few hours of my workday, so I can allow myself to slow down a bit when I feel myself growing tired at the end of the day, all while looking forward to the time I’ll get to relax a bit once I reach home. If I have any additional work to complete, I usually would make a cup of tea as soon as I get home and head straight to my desk to get it done, because once I’ve settled in for the night – I know that I won’t be getting up to revisit any of it.

I would usually get home around five o clock, already having ran a few errands, now hungry and ready to eat a late lunch. After that, I’d most likely relax for a half hour before getting ready for the gym. Working out can really clear my head, and allow me time to work through any of the stresses the workday may have concocted. When I’ve finished, I make my way back home to make a smoothie, taking it easy before I do a few chores and take the time to run a bath. Soaking my muscles really help, and I do take the time to read in the bath as well (Thank God for the bath tray!). This is usually my favourite time of the evening, the time where I can slow down a bit, lose myself in the book I’m reading, and not allowing myself to worry about anything work related for a little while.

During this time, I’d probably have thrown in a bath bomb, a bath oil, and a few additional bath salts to really relax me, before I throw a face mask on. The mask I am currently loving at the moment is the Peter Thomas Roth: Cucumber Gel Mask (click here). It’s cooling, hydrating, and absolutely lovely after a long day. I’d also like to take a bit of the bath time to do a bit of creative work, especially if I feel the ideas swimming around in my head. So, I’d usually grab my phone or my tablet and brainstorm. Whether that’d be a new short story, a blog post, or any other piece I may want to work on. This also allows me to get out of my head for a little while, doing what I love is one of the best ways to keep me motivated to not only get out of bed the next day, but to make the next day an incredibly productive one. After the bath, I’d throw on some comfy pyjamas, put my hair up, drink some soothing herbal tea, and settle into bed (probably still wrapped up in the book I’m reading, that I can’t wait to review for you all). I hope that this little insight into my routine has inspired you to take some time to relax, pay attention to what your body may need, so that you can make the rest of the week an incredibly productive one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this here blog post! I hope you all enjoyed, and I’d love to hear what your self-care routine is like in the comments below!


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