About Me

“My name is Anisa Nasir and I am a 21-year-old aspiring author. I began sharing my work with the world very early into my teenage years, and prior to that I would be filling a journal every now and then with a new idea since I was about seven years old. From then on, I knew that writing was something that brought me the utmost joy, and I knew it was something that I would want to pursue for the rest of my life. I liked testing my creative boundaries, exploring new realms of my creative process I had never quite explored before. As a 21-year-old now, I have learnt quite a lot about what it means to call myself a writer. For, I maintain the will to keep writing regardless of the circumstances.” Now, here are a few things about myself:

  • My favourite day consists of staying in, drinking a lot of earl grey tea, and writing something new. (Taking breaks in between to catch up on some reading).
  • I get the same Starbucks order every day and that’s a Grande London Fog with six pumps of vanilla.
  • I like writing in the Mystery/Thriller genre, for that’s where I feel the most comfortable exercising my creativity. (However, I’ve been trying to expand my horizons as of late).
  • I especially appreciate Autumn, for that is the season where I feel the most inspired. (It’s usually my most productive season).
  • And finally, I like to challenge myself. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed just how much my writing has changed with me, and I look forward to seeing what it’ll be like in the future.

I do hope that you enjoy reading about my writing journey as much as I enjoy sharing it with you all. I’ve made a promise to myself that this year: 2019, will be the year I truly get back into the swing of things where my writing is concerned. I want to do all of the things I’ve been putting off for the last few years, and I can’t wait to share new written pieces right here on my blog. 

Thank you for reading!