Book Review: “The Woman in Cabin 10” By: Ruth Ware

(I will not be revealing too much of the novel itself, for I’ll keep it to the general summary, and what I’ve thought about the book. Though, I do suggest you proceed with caution if you’d prefer to steer clear of any plot points before reading the book). “If there’s one thing I love about good literature, […]

Making Writing a Habit, and Channeling the Best of Your Ability

“I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to say that I’ve finally gotten it together, that I’ve put all of my unfavourable habits aside and that I’ve finally learnt to give my time to the things that matter most. Though, I can say that I am doing the best I can to maintain the […]

Poetry, Plans, and Productivity: “Teacups and Typewriter Print”

“Poetry is an art form worth exploring. One that I love to dabble in quite a bit. I’ve not written a lot of poetry recently, but I’ve finally begun a new collection. It’s something that I can work towards, something I can learn from, something that will allow me to gauge what my writing style has become. […]

Understanding Drive, and Approaching the Day

“Late blogging can most certainly be therapeutic, especially after quite a tiring weekend and a Monday that was absolutely what I needed to start the week. I’ve spoken quite a lot about finding balance when it comes to the things I want to do, and the things I have to get done. I can safely […]

“What Are You Really Capable Of? Let’s Test the Waters, Shall We?”

“Oh how I love to put things off until it is nearly impossible to get absolutely anything done. It really is a terrible habit, one I’ve been trying quite desperately to shake. There are certain things that are present in my routine, that a few months ago would’ve felt like too much to take on, […]

Take the Reins: With or Without Inspiration

“This past weekend has been one to really put things into perspective for me, and as I do say that for quite a lot of my liveable experiences, I truly feel the urge of self-realization creep up inside of me whenever I’m graced with the environment that gives me a taste of where I want to be […]

A Change in Perspective: There’s Always Something New to Write About

“I spend quite a lot of my time elucidating all that I want to change, all that I want to make better, all that I want to set in stone. Though, I do not spend nearly enough time reflecting on all the that has changed around me, all that has changed me. There are times when we […]

Organized Thoughts and Quite the Mess of Inspiration

“‘I’ve got it together,’ she says, as she has absolutely no idea what it is she’s doing and where she’s headed, but she keeps her head high. She knows what she wants. She wants contentment, excitement, and most of all fulfillment. That is the sole reason in which she writes.” Creativity is subjective, the best of what […]

I Have the Will to Maintain My Creative Fire

“I woke up this morning with the urge to get things done. Before I went to bed last night, I set a sound to-do list (a realistic one at that) and I woke up ready. For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to cultivate my writing skill, as though I’d somehow forgotten […]

I’ve Busied Myself With Prose, and I’ve Been Reading Something New

“These past few weeks, there has been a consistent “Today’s not my day,” being uttered at the end of every evening. For some odd reason, I’ve just found myself unable to catch a break. Though, it does happen from time to time, and I can gladly say that I’ve been taking a moment here and […]

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