Book Review: “The Party” by: Robyn Harding

Book Review: “The Party” by: Robyn Harding

“There are spoilers ahead as I’d like discuss the novel thoroughly, so please proceed with caution.”  “THE PARTY” by: Robyn Harding This book certainly caught my eye when I went scouring the shelves for a new read, and I can surely say that I was not disappointed. The story follows the Sanders Family as they [...]


Let’s Tackle This Week: A Late Monday Evening Check-In, and Lots to Be Done

"There is such thing as changing a bad habit, there is such thing as making progress you might not have seen possible prior to your efforts, and throughout your journey as a creative, there are a lot of things along the way to learn. I can certainly say that making the conscious effort to get [...]

Book Review: “The Woman in Cabin 10” By: Ruth Ware

(I will not be revealing too much of the novel itself, for I'll keep it to the general summary, and what I've thought about the book. Though, I do suggest you proceed with caution if you'd prefer to steer clear of any plot points before reading the book). "If there's one thing I love about good literature, [...]

Appreciating Your Self-Worth and Noticing Your Choices

"#GIRLBOSS taught me to appreciate my self-worth. It's the kind of book you read before you realize that it's finally time to make those changes. It's finally time to do all that you've set out to accomplish."  I'll start by saying that I'm not usually the kind to pick up nonfiction over fiction if given the [...]

All About Alice ♥︎: (Through The Zombie Glass, Alice: Madness Returns) Review.

I’ve been on an Alice in Wonderland rampage recently, and I realized that I’ve been playing and reading rather twisted versions that I would love to share. I completed both of these last night, and it was honestly sad to see them go. Without further ado, here is completing yet another set of Alice-like adventures. [...]

Book Review: “Alice In Zombieland” by: Gena Showalter

This book is stuck straight in the middle of indescribable.  When I first heard the title, and saw the cover, I could've sworn it would've been leaning towards a fantasy novel despite the name. However, it definitely wasn't. It was a roller-coaster of surprises, teary moments, and a whole lot of badass zombie-ass-kicking. Even the concept [...]

Book Review ( The Duke’s Affair by: RJRyder ♥

Here is the link to this book: First off, I'd like to say thst this particular Novel is not finished as yet, and I am awaiting the ending, but I couldn't help but come on my blog to share with you all how much I love it!  On a side note, I will be [...]

What I’m Reading [Book Review]: Made With Love ( By: JulieQuinn ♥

Hello there fellow readers!  Well, I've just concluded a beautifully-written Wattpad Novel, and I had to share my thoughts. Of course, I will not go into detail about what the story is about because of its online stature, but I will tell you that I give this book a rating of ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ [...]