Don’t Let the Stress Get the Better of You: “Working Through Your Stress and Maintaining Progression.”

“There is a healthy way to do just enough, even when you absolutely do not feel like doing anything. Or, when you’re convinced that you can get it done later. Lately, I’ve managed to stay consistent. I leave my weekends as free as possible, picking up the slack throughout the week to make sure I am putting […]


Recovering From a Stressful Week and Regaining Your Footing

“There are going to be times where things just seem to get a bit too overwhelming, and you’re left not knowing how to continue juggling all of those things that are gnawing away at your mind. I didn’t have the greatest time last week trying to deal with all of the things that just seem to […]

Maintaining a Productive Lifestyle and Finding Your Way Out of a Creative Rut

“I’m no stranger to falling quite deep into a creative rut for the mere fear of beginning again. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost your spark, that you’ll never be able to write the way you used to, but if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that – there’s a reason […]

How I Manage My Stress, and How I Stay Productive

“Another productive Monday,” she said as she finally began to feel like herself again. The feeling of finally being back on track is immeasurable, and I certainly missed feeling like I’m accomplishing things throughout the day. It’s very easy to give into the impulses to do absolutely nothing, to waste the free time you actually do have, and to […]

A Reflection on my Personal Narrative: “Finally 21”

“We all envision different chapters of our lives differently, and there are times when we place too much pressure upon things that have inevitably changed over time. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write anything remotely personal, for I usually like to integrate it into my fiction, but I’ve noticed just how important it […]

Utilizing Personal Experience and Letting it Feed Your Work

“For some time now I had been separating my writing from experience, and this resulted in feeling as though my work was turning out inauthentic. Recently, I’ve been allowing myself to check my fears, to utilize them, draw from them, and not apologize for what they’ve taught me. The question always remained, “What would people think when they […]

Revisiting Old Inspirations and Basking in Well Written Prose

“The inspiration can be so positively staggering, and for the first time in a while I am truly understanding what it means to call myself a writer. I’ve spent too much of my time not writing because I had been harbouring this everlasting fear of the end product not being what it is I envision, but […]

Pushing the Limits, Understanding Your Writing Style, and Learning to Adapt

“I got comfortable with my writing, I began to understand what it meant to cultivate my writing style, and then I lost it. I was finding it increasingly difficult to continue working on my projects, as well as staying motivated to do so, and that’s when I had to take a step back and do […]

Prepping for an Effective Writing Session + The Effects of Daily Brainstorming

“Getting lost in an idea is always pleasant, especially when you’ve begun to map out the path you want your project to take. However, it is when you’re feeling uninspired, when the ideas seem to not flow the way they used to, that you begin to question if continuing is even worth it. – It […]

February Planning, Novel Refinement, and Writing Risks

“As February begins, so does the list of new writing goals to achieve. The last week I’ve spent trying to give myself the time I needed to work through all of the stress of an everyday productive lifestyle. I know that the nights are going to get longer, the work is going to get harder, and the time to […]