Update: Happy Holidays Guys! Here’s What I’m Up To! ^_^ ♥

Hey guys, well I spent the whole day lazing around and reading a few really good books on Wattpad, that I will review once I get some time. 😀 I hope all of you guys are having great Holidays, and even though I’m spending mine practically alone, I won’t let that stop me from being […]

Just Writing: Newfound Hobby or Lifelong Study?

Just Writing: Newfound Hobby or Lifelong Study?

Hey guys, well I’m here to tell you about what I felt like doing during Christmas break. Can you guess? Shopping? Movies? Nope, I felt like studying Psychology. Why? I’m not to sure if I have a reason, or what it was that brought me to want to do this, but here I am, wanting […]

Just Writing: Favorite Artists That Inspire My Writing [Behind The Great Plot Twists & The Awesome Characters] ;) ♥

Just Writing: Favorite Artists That Inspire My Writing [Behind The Great Plot Twists & The Awesome Characters] ;) ♥

Hey guys! Well, I just want to start writing something in one of my new categories and this one is entitled “Just Writing” and it’s just an open opportunity to talk about things that I love. ♥ Here, I’d like to talk a little about my favorite music artists, and how much they really influence my writing. […]

Wattpad Update! ♥

Wattpad Update! ♥

Ciao! What’s up guys? Well, I decided to change my username on Wattpad (& that meant changing everything that came with it :/) Anyway, my username is now: prettylittlepoet :3 I spent the entire afternoon editing everything that had my old usernames on it 😦  At least I’m done! Here’s the link to my profile: http://www.wattpad.com/user/prettylittlepoet […]

Update! Kinda :3

Hey guys! Well, I was thinking, that I’d start a quote category xD Each author must house their inspiration somewhere right? I take more interest in the Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne side of literature, y’know? Movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas (and virtually anything by Tim Burton) If you get what I’m sayin’ xD Guess […]

Just Writing. ✎

Today hasn’t been much of the most productive. Sigh. Well, I’d like to thank MLP for that. I mean, yeah it’s a little kid show, but half the people watching it are  over 19 so, don’t judge me >.< Anyway, I really need to get some stuff done today, at least a bit.   You know when […]

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