UPDATE ♥︎: “Erstwhile and Ever Afters” New Cover, New Poems.

Hello lovelies! ♥︎ Well, as promised, I am updating you on the new content in my poetry collection. After writing these poems, I realized that my book cover was a little bland. I decided to put the time into making a new one and I hope you all like it! If you’d like to check […]

Erstwhile and Ever Afters: The Introduction ♥︎

Hello there! ♥︎ Well I’ve done it! I’ve finally plunged right back into writing wholeheartedly. It was never lost, it was merely put off. Though, I decided that I wouldn’t be getting anything done if I didn’t make time. So, I began a new collection that has reinstated my passion for writing right where it needs to be. […]

Damned. ♥︎

Copyright © 2014 Anisa Nasir Damned.  What is it I see here, a black door for the fallen The one day of winter, the blankets trodden In remembrance of how we pity the deceived For this damnation is the life we’ve achieved. There’s a meaning that runs like blood in my veins Like the Red […]

Dear Diary: “I was Missing In Action,” Said, The Writer.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou Dear Diary, It seems like forever since I’ve last written on my blog, and as a matter of fact, it has been. When I tell you that trying to balance life is easier said than done, I mean it with all […]

The Foretold Façade of Those Who Knew Nothing, But Everything ♥

I wrote this poem for a project in my Music Class. It was to describe different personas in the 1920s Jazz Age! It conveys much emotion! I hope you guys enjoy it!  The Foretold Façade of Those Who Knew Nothing, But Everything Abdicating to the abattoir of a cappella abloom From allegro to adagio, our […]

One Minute to Midnight ♥ – Poetry.

One Minute to Midnight  There was a subtle glance, looking over at me Did you ever look back to what things used to be? One minute to midnight, and I sure still see One minute to midnight, you no longer love me.   You spoke of forever once, like a cold contrail You wish nothing […]

My Notebook: Poetry (2 Pieces)!

“These poems are available on Wattpad.com and the link to each individual poem is listed underneath it. If you liked them, please spare a vote! Thank you! ♥” Who Am I? (Poetically Penned: The Black Widow Spider)  When does this violence cease? Dependent and dead, a heart that pleads Who am I to change this fate? Who […]

UPDATE: Of Appassionato Noir: Chapter One Up On Wattpad!

Hello again guys!  Well, seconds ago I concluded the first chapter of my novel “Of Appassionato Noir” which I have posted to Wattpad.com and if you’d like to have a read of that, please head on over to this link: http://www.wattpad.com/18943046-of-appassionato-noir-chapter-one-we-grieve-what-we?d=ud#.Ub00u_bEpe4 This chapter surrounds Annika and her struggle to escape the world she has found herself […]

What I’m Reading [Book Review]: Made With Love (Wattpad.com) By: JulieQuinn ♥

Hello there fellow readers!  Well, I’ve just concluded a beautifully-written Wattpad Novel, and I had to share my thoughts. Of course, I will not go into detail about what the story is about because of its online stature, but I will tell you that I give this book a rating of ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ […]

UPDATE: What’s New On Wattpad This Week! [prettylittlepoet] ♥

  Hello There!  Well, here are the two new poems that I’ve published to Wattpad.com this week! The included (Weekly-Updated) poem as well! Have a read!    Red Lips (The Loverboy Collection): http://www.wattpad.com/18481319-loverboy-%E2%99%A5-red-lips?d=ud#.UbN0gvbEpe4   Play With Fate (The Weekly-Updated Collection): http://www.wattpad.com/18481484-pretty-little-poet-poetics-weekly-updated-%E2%99%A5-play?d=ud#.UbN1afbEpe4   I hope you guys enjoy these pieces! There are much more to come.  […]

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