Exercising Your Creativity, Executing Your Ideas

AS SHE BLOOMS A book of pressed flowers, Read like the simple, sensible perception Of an obscure unfamiliarity, Of entitled catastrophe. She spoke eloquently of instinctual word The mad ramblings of conscious clarity The surrealism that settled in the part of her lips As she demanded reign over her independent assumptions Over wrinkled newspaper clippings [...]

A New Year: Current Projects, Habits, and What a Fresh Start Can Do

"The holidays are officially over and I've been away from blogging for a bit, but I can certainly say that it feels wonderful to be back at it again. I did sit down at the beginning of the year to decide on a variety of changes I'm planning to implement this year, and ones that will remain [...]

When One Door Closes: Make the Effort

"I've never been one to complain too much about the way in which change occurs. I've never been one to proudly exclaim all it is I want, nor have I ever been the type to go out and get it. I have dreams, much like we all do. I have expectations, much like we all [...]

“What Are You Really Capable Of? Let’s Test the Waters, Shall We?”

"Oh how I love to put things off until it is nearly impossible to get absolutely anything done. It really is a terrible habit, one I've been trying quite desperately to shake. There are certain things that are present in my routine, that a few months ago would've felt like too much to take on, [...]

A Change in Perspective: There’s Always Something New to Write About

"I spend quite a lot of my time elucidating all that I want to change, all that I want to make better, all that I want to set in stone. Though, I do not spend nearly enough time reflecting on all the that has changed around me, all that has changed me. There are times when we [...]

“All You Are, is the Baggage You Carry,” They Said. I Replied, “With it I Learned to Love.” 

"It is safe to say that there are going to be days when everything you've been suppressing, hits you pretty hard. The last four years of my life have been the emptiest, for when one loses a parent, it's hard to appreciate life's achievements as they come by. Though, I've learned to live with a lot. [...]

I Haven’t Put A Label On It, and I’ll Tell You Why

"Lately, as hard as it's been to keep up with my varying schedules, I have managed to begin a project I am indeed quite proud of thus far. What's missing, you ask? The title. As I've spent more time with it, I've noticed that nothing seems to fit, and that is okay. I've always managed to begin writing under [...]

I’ve Never Been Good With Change and That Needs to Change

"I've never been one to openly accept change. As it happens, I always find myself looking aimlessly for a new routine, to give myself some structure. I've envied those that could do as they wished, not worrying about a plan or a goal in sight. A lot of things have been changing lately, and as [...]