Vast Were Her Writing Dreams: Why I Started and What I Hope to One Day Accomplish

"I speak on why I began writing quite a bit here on my blog, but I never did divulge too many details on what it is that happened, what it is that led me to where I am today, and all that I still want to accomplish one day. - "There will always be more to write," [...]

My Dreams Have Taught Me More Than Reality Ever Could

"I had a dream that left me rattled as I slowly regained consciousness. I had a dream that left me with the will to write, with the will to change what I can to make the most of the idea that has presented itself."  I used to dream quite vividly, quite often. However, I've come to realize [...]

I’ve Got a Goal, Not a Dream

"It's been a rough past week, there were one too many impending factors that have undoubtedly clouded my judgment. I felt unable to do as much as I would've liked on account of how I may be feeling. There are times when I have a hard time coming to terms with reality, regardless of how much I need [...]

Subconscious Foreplay and Subtle Apprehension

"My subconscious drowns my mind in inevitable apprehension."  For the past few days, I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety. This could be because of a lot of different upcoming events. In ten days, I will be graduating high school. I feel as though part of me is ready to begin again, but [...]

It’s A New Year! Happy Twenty Fifteen: My Non-Resolution Resolutions.

I cannot believe the year has come and gone. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was getting used to 2014. Well, I cannot say that this year has been bad, for there are many things that have happened that have changed the course of my life. I've fallen in love, gained new aspirations, [...]