Recent Poetry: Stuff I Should Share When I Write It

  Here are the last two pieces I've written: 


My Notebook (Poetry): The Intervention ♥

The Intervention Sing with me, these words I mean This hardship of life, I’m sure we’ve all seen Caught up in broken love, a curse from up above  Now as one, we must intervene.    Can you believe the pain we’ve been through? Can you see just how far we’ve come? Not a day goes [...]

My Notebook (Poetry): “Abelia” ♥

ABELIA This was simple, this was life You were magnificent, until that night What was it that had been severed? For my love was to become what you’d endeavor.   Running, running, running I was  For this had become what darkness does Swallowing, swallowing, swallowing it was I was lost to myself, a memory aborning.  [...]

My Notebook: Poetry (2 Pieces)!

"These poems are available on and the link to each individual poem is listed underneath it. If you liked them, please spare a vote! Thank you! ♥" Who Am I? (Poetically Penned: The Black Widow Spider)  When does this violence cease? Dependent and dead, a heart that pleads Who am I to change this fate? Who [...]

Kissed By The Flame, Loved By Freedom ♥

Kissed By The Flame, Loved By Freedom  I loved the way you’ve entered my mind, seduction is your crime Find within us both, the flame that flickers at most  To whom we believe we are, for envy grows in your heart This dispirited desire was lingering from the start.    The beat of my heart, [...]

Pandora’s Box

"I wrote this poem for English Class, and I thought I'd share it with you! I hope you like it!" Pandora's Box This vagrancy has left me to wonder, this journey is none but mine The edges of my dress, torn with amaranthine time For what is love if not bound by whom’ve entwined This [...]

The Murderous Mistress

The Murderous Mistress There I stood, watching from a distance There she stood, none other than a crimson grimace Her red stilettos walked away, from what was said For the man she loved, was finally dead.       Down the alleyways, into the starless unlit Another life taken, another throat slit The story remained [...]

Before We Die

Before We Die

Before We Die Darling, can you hear these words I speak? Can’t you see? We have the world at our feet For this may not be the future in which we seek But, this puzzle is the end we are soon to meet. Come with me, my dearest, let me show you the world You [...]

Dream Chaser ℨ

Dream Chaser ℨ

Dream Chaser So, you’ve finally succumb The pain has made you numb The actions of a heartbreaking menace Leaves only a heart-aching grimace.    A poet, I’ve been titled to say This is my story, till this day Feelings, my one and only muse For the man I love, blew my final fuse.   You’ve [...]