Book Review: “The Party” by: Robyn Harding

Book Review: “The Party” by: Robyn Harding

“There are spoilers ahead as I’d like discuss the novel thoroughly, so please proceed with caution.”  “THE PARTY” by: Robyn Harding This book certainly caught my eye when I went scouring the shelves for a new read, and I can surely say that I was not disappointed. The story follows the Sanders Family as they [...]

On Writing: Breakfast, Branching Out, and Bettering the Book

On Writing: Breakfast, Branching Out, and Bettering the Book

“Expectations - as simple as they may be, they could be the very thing standing between you and your current goal. When it came to beginning the editing process for my novel, I had quite a lot of high expectations for myself, having the mentality of “I’ll fix it all later and it’ll be perfect.” [...]

Treating Yourself to a New Read, Unwinding, and Making Time to Write

"Fall term has finally come to an end and I can sit back, reevaluate all that I've done over the last few months, and assess where to go from here. That means an array of late night writing sessions, planning, and sitting down to get some of the substantial work done. It's been quite a while since [...]

Book Review: “The Woman in Cabin 10” By: Ruth Ware

(I will not be revealing too much of the novel itself, for I'll keep it to the general summary, and what I've thought about the book. Though, I do suggest you proceed with caution if you'd prefer to steer clear of any plot points before reading the book). "If there's one thing I love about good literature, [...]

UPDATE: What I’m Reading Next, and Why? ♥

"Hello there!" I had said before that I wanted to alternate between Novels, and actual ones. Well, I'm still in school, and I was given a reading list to devour. (Yay!) I was told to pick four books to do presentations on, and once that's out of the way (I'll also do book reviews [...]

Book Review: “Alice In Zombieland” by: Gena Showalter

This book is stuck straight in the middle of indescribable.  When I first heard the title, and saw the cover, I could've sworn it would've been leaning towards a fantasy novel despite the name. However, it definitely wasn't. It was a roller-coaster of surprises, teary moments, and a whole lot of badass zombie-ass-kicking. Even the concept [...]